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Camera Lens for iPhone 7 Plus, Jelly Comb Macro Lens + Wide Angle Lens Kit, Camera Zoom Lenses Kit for iPhone 7 Plus

Camera Lens for iPhone 7 Plus, Jelly Comb Macro Lens + Wide Angle Lens Kit, Camera Zoom Lenses Kit for iPhone 7 Plus



♥ REVOLUTIONARY UPGRADED DESIGN - Great design to allow users to take advantage of multiple lenses, holding the lenses in place over the camera on the back of the iphone 7 plus and offering full protection to your smartphone at the same time.
♥ UPGRADED VERSION - With the reinforced structure, the case is more sustainable and durable to hold the lens right in the place, and will not fall apart even after millions of use. Meanwhile the slide of the lens comes more easily and smoothly.
♥ WIDE ANGLE/TELEPHOTO LENS - With the Wide angle/Telephoto lens, you can extend your optical zoom range and capture 45% more picture with every snap: Shoot stunning photos of people, pets, travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, selfies and more.
♥ MACRO ZOOM LENS - With the Macro Zoom lens, you can zoom in for super close-up photos with precision-focus, never miss striking and breathtaking details.
♥ EFFORTLESS to INSTALL - It just snaps into the iPhone 7 plus and, apart from making way to use the lenses, it also give full body protection. Can be used every day as protection while giving easy access to the dual lenses.

Product Details

Turn your smartphone into the total package with the Jelly Comb ZOOM iPhone 7 Plus Lens Kit.
As a dual lens system, this kit pairs two lenses to give you more flexibility in your captures.

Whether you’re into the landscapes or the finest details, the ZOOM iPhone 7 Plus Lens Kit will
instantly improve your photography.

You will be awarded the benefits of the dual lenses by using the Jelly Comb ZOOM case.

When you don’t want to use one of the lenses, simply slide the attachment out of the way, quickly and easily.

Only 2 steps to install:
First, simply place the Jelly Comb case on your iPhone 7 Plus to get started.
Then, slide the lenses into the special “pocket”, and the effects can then be used.

Package included:
1. The ZOOM Lens Kit which comes with two sets:
1) Wide angle/Telephoto combo
2) Macro/zoom combo
2. The Jelly Comb iPhone 7 plus zoom case

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